MariaDB 10

MariaDB 10.0.34 release, MySQL branch version

MariaDB 10.0.34 was released. MariaDB database management system is a branch of MySQL, mainly by the open source community in the maintenance, using GPL license MariaDB is designed to be fully compatible with MySQL, including API and command line.


  • XtraDB updated to 5.6.38-83.0
  • TokuDB updated to 5.6.38-83.0
  • InnoDB updated to 5.6.39
  • Performance Schema updated to 5.6.39
  • MDEV-12173 – “Error: trying to do an operation on a dropped tablespace”
  • MDEV-7049 – MySQL#74585 – InnoDB: Failing assertion: *mbmaxlen < 5 in file line 1904
  • MDEV-14916 – InnoDB reports warning for “Purge reached the head of the history list”
  • MDEV-14174 – crash on start with innodb-track-changed-pages
  • MDEV-13205 – InnoDB: Failing assertion: !dict_index_is_online_ddl(index) upon ALTER TABLE
  • MDEV-14799 – After UPDATE of indexed columns, old values will not be purged from secondary indexes
  • MDEV-12827 – Assertion failure when reporting duplicate key error in online table rebuild
  • MDEV-12323 – Rollback progress log messages during crash recovery are intermixed with unrelated log messages
  • MDEV-12352 – InnoDB shutdown should not be blocked by a large transaction rollback
  • MDEV-13797 – InnoDB may hang if shutdown is initiated soon after startup while rolling back recovered incomplete transactions
  • MDEV-14140 – IMPORT TABLESPACE must not go beyond FSP_FREE_LIMIT
  • Backport MDEV-13890 from 10.2 (InnoDB/XtraDB shutdown failure)
  • Fixes for the following security vulnerabilities:


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