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MariaDB 10.3.2 release, MySQL branch version

MariaDB 10.3.2 has been released, which is the second alpha version of the 10.3 series and is not recommended for production.

MariaDB database management system is a branch of MySQL, mainly by the open source community in the maintenance, using GPL license MariaDB is designed to be fully compatible with MySQL, including API and command line.


Notable Changes

  • Instant ADD COLUMN (MDEV-11369) – thanks to TenCent for the inspiration
  • UPDATE statements with the same source and target (MDEV-12874) – from Jerome Brauge
  • ORDER BY and LIMIT in multi-table update (MDEV-13911)
  • DATE_FORMAT(date, format, locale) – 3 argument form of DATE_FORMAT (MDEV-11553)



  • Temporary files created by merge sort and row log are encrypted if innodb_encrypt_log is set to 1, regardless of whether the table encrypted or not (MDEV-12634).


The following deprecated variables have been removed:


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