October 25, 2020

Many of Apple’s online services are interrupted

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Earlier, there was a service interruption in Microsoft 365 service. Microsoft said that it was a problem with the deployed code that affected the normal use of the service by a large number of users around the world.

A large number of Apple’s online services have also been interrupted. The current multi-line online services and cloud services provided by Apple have been interrupted, which also affects a large number of users worldwide.

Apple has not yet announced the reason for the interruption. After all, it is still busy repairing it. Services such as the App Store and Apple Streaming Music are gradually being restored.

The most widespread disruption is Apple’s iCloud cloud service, which provides services such as communications, bookmarks, backup, account login, and office suites.

A12 Bionic

These services are all unavailable after a service interruption. For example, the system cannot automatically back up communications and bookmarks, and users cannot restore devices from the backup.

Apple’s office suite iWork is also interrupted. If users try to use these office suites, an error will be displayed and online documents cannot be loaded.

For now, a small number of services have returned to normal, and there are still many services temporarily unavailable. Apple said that it is gradually recovering.

Therefore, if users find that they cannot load normally when using certain services, please be patient and wait for the subsequent service to resume.

iCloud account and login, Find my iPhone, broadcast services, schoolwork, document cloud services, and finally photo-related services are also gradually restored.

Services that are still interrupted: Apple Arcade, Apple Music, Apple TV, AppleCare service in iOS, iTunes U service, etc.