September 23, 2020

Malwarebytes report: “Mac threats increased exponentially in comparison to those against Windows PCs”

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Today, Malwarebytes, a California-based security company, released “Malwarebytes Labs releases 2020 State of Malware Report” report. The report states that the malware on the macOS platform is growing faster than Microsoft’s Windows platform.

Malwarebytes detected an average of 5.8 malware per device on the Windows platform, and 11 on the macOS platform. Overall, the malware on the macOS platform increased by more than 400% year-on-year, and the Windows platform increased by only 1% year-on-year.

2019 Mac Threat Detections
Image: Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes also pointed out in the report that in 2019, the malware experienced by consumers has fallen by 2% year-on-year, while “the volume of global threats against business endpoints has increased by 13 percent year-over-year, with aggressive adware, Trojans, and HackTools leading the pack.”

In fact, from the side, this status quo is also a sign that the sales of devices using macOS are getting better and better.