Fri. Aug 7th, 2020

Malicious programs disguised as racing games on Google Play

1 min read

Apps downloaded from the Play Store, may not be secure, especially the 13 racing game apps developed by developers named Luiz Pinto. Security researchers report that these malicious apps have more than 560,000 downloads. They aren’t games. After launching, the icons are hidden, and other apps are downloaded and installed.

Many users have left a 1-star rating for these apps, and users have reported that their phones have slowed down after being forced to download other apps. It’s not clear what the extra downloads are, and speculation should be malicious.

This is far from being the first official app store to discover malicious apps. Google’s app review process has been criticized, but search giants don’t seem to want to make changes.

For users who’ve already downloaded the malware, they should either attempt to find it and remove it themselves, using the phone search features or use anti-virus to delete it for them, Stefanko said.