Linux Mint 18.2 official release, code-named “Sonya”


Linux Mint released the 18.2 official version, code-named “Sonya”. This is the latest update in the 18.x series, based on the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. The new version will be continuously supported in 2021, containing four versions (Cinnamon, KDE, MATE, and Xfce).

Linux Mint 18.2 improves X-Apps across desktop applications, improves the Xplayer video player’s UI, playback speed, OSD, and subtitle support, and improves the Xed text editor’s user interface and sorting capabilities. The login screen is now driven by LightDM running Slick greeter and supports HiDPI. The update manager has been adjusted to help users find the ideal balance between security updates and system stability.

More updates can be found in the announcement, what’s new 18.2 can be found in the functional description.

Xed text editor

Xplayer video player

Pix is now easier to use

Xreader PDF and Document Viewer includes many BUG fixes and UI enhancements

Update manager



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