Linux Kernel community clarifies GPLv2 law enforcement


Earlier this year, Germany’s Netfilter kernel subsystem contributor Patrick McHardy sparked controversy, and he took on GPL’s role in law enforcement. He contacted many German companies to ask for small money on non-compliance with the GPL. In 18 months he used this method to extort to 2 million euros.

His behavior led to a public opposition from the Netfilter project. Free software community that needs to solve this problem as soon as possible, otherwise there will be more and more people imitate, may lead to more and more enterprises to disable Linux. Patrick McHardy’s account has been closed down by the Netfilter project in violation of the enforcement principles.

Now the Linux Foundation’s technical committee to publish a document formally responded to the GPL law enforcement concerns, the document has been signed by the kernel developer or support. The document says that they take legal action as a last resort and will only start if the community’s efforts fail to solve the problem. Once the license is not resolved, the user will be re-invited to join the Linux project.

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