Fri. Jan 17th, 2020

The leaked MongoDB database exposed a large number of Kremlin’s backdoor

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Recently, a Dutch security researcher accidentally discovered the back door account of the Kremlin, referring to its servers that the government can use to access local and foreign companies operating in Russia. It is reported that security researchers have discovered these backdoor accounts ( in thousands of MongoDB databases. The database is scattered on the Internet and can be accessed without a password.

Image: Victor Gevers

In other words, any hacker who can use this account to access sensitive information from thousands of businesses operating in Russia. In an interview with ZDNet, Victor Gevers said:

“The first time I saw these credentials was in the user table of a Russian Lotto website, I had to do some digging to understand that the Kremlin requires remote access to systems that handle financial transactions.”

After the initial discovery, Victor Gevers found the same account in more than 2,000 other MongoDB databases. These databases have been circulated on the Internet, and they are known to be involved in local and foreign companies operating in Russia, including local banks, financial institutions, large telecom companies, and even Disney’s databases.

Via: ZDNet