Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

Leaked: iOS 12.1 will be released on October 30th

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Some operators have confirmed that Apple will release the official version of iOS 12.1 on October 30, US time, and they will also release a variety of new products at the same time, such as focusing on iPad Pro, Mac mini and so on. The new features of iOS 12.1 official version are still many, the most important of which is that iPhone XS, XR, XS Max non-national (Hong Kong) version can open eSIM card, which means you can experience dual card dual standby function. , while China iPhones is directly a dual-entity SIM card.
iOS 12.1 beta 5
Also, in the official version of iOS 12.1, the FaceTime group chat function (up to 32 simultaneous chats) will be online, and more than 70 new Emoji expressions will be added, live Depth Control for iPhone XS/XR so you can adjust bokeh blur of Portrait mode on the fly in the Camera viewfinder
The former camera beauty function on the new iPhone of many users will be canceled in iOS 12.1, mainly because they are not used to it, and the new system will also add a new real-time depth of field control function, using portrait mode to take pictures. The depth of field can be adjusted instantly. Currently, the system verification channel for iOS 12 is turned off.
Via: 9to5mac