Kotlin 1.2 Beta release, JVM-based programming language

Kotlin 1.2 Beta released. The main new features of the release include experimental support for multi-platform projects and a full-featured language and standard library. The details are updated as follows:

New Features

  • KT-20051Quickfixes to support @parcelize


  • KT-19747 Android extensions + Parcelable: VerifyError in case of RawValue annotation on a type when it’s unknown how to parcel it
  • KT-19899Parcelize: Building with ProGuard enabled
  • KT-19988 [Android Extensions] inner class LayoutContainer causes NoSuchMethodError
  • KT-20002Parcelize explodes on LongArray
  • KT-20019Parcelize does not propogate flags argument when writing nested Parcelable
  • ……
This update is compatible with all versions of IntelliJ IDEA from 2016.3 to 2017.3, as well as Android Studio 2.3 and 3.0.


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