Kioxia launched the CM7 series of enterprise-class SSDs

Kioxia announced the launch of the CM7 series of enterprise-class NVMe SSDs, which have been shipped to some customers.

Kioxia said that the CM7 series is optimized for high-performance, efficient server and storage needs, providing EDSFF (E3.S) and 2.5-inch form factors.
CM7 series enterprise NVMe SSDs are based on PCIe 5.0 and NVMe 2.0 specifications. The data read throughput can basically saturate the 14 GB. Read-intensive (1 DWPD) capacity up to 30.72TB, mixed-use (3 DWPD) capacity up to 12.80TB. SFF-TA-1001 can support the system of general backplane management. Dual-port design for high availability applications. The flash chip failure protection function ensures the reliability of the SSD. Support SR-IOV, CMB, multi-stream writing, and other cutting-edge features.

In addition, the joint venture Fab7 factory of Kioxia and Western Digital in Yokkaichi, Japan has received government subsidies of 92.9 billion yen. The subsidy is based on a Japanese government program to boost companies’ investment in cutting-edge semiconductor production facilities and ensure stable production.