KeePass 2.38 release, cross-platform password management tool


KeePass 2.38 major updates are enhancements to the user interface integration, as well as a variety of other small features and improvements. Hash sums and  OpenPGP signatures can be used for integrity checking, and binary files have been digitally signed (Authenticode).

New Features:

  • The installers (regular and MSI) now create an empty ‘Languages’ folder in the application directory, and the portable package now also contains such a folder; language files should now be stored in this folder.
  • Added button ‘Open Folder’ in the language selection dialog, which opens the ‘Languages’ folder.
  • Added button ‘Open Folder’ in the plugins dialog, which opens the ‘Plugins’ folder.
  • Added a runtime activation policy setting (to improve compatibility with Microsoft User Experience Virtualization).
  • Added option ‘Icon’ and an option for specifying the placeholder behavior (replace or not, or both forms) in the ‘Print’ / HTML export dialog.
  • Printing / HTML export: the notes of a group are now displayed below the group name.
  • Enhanced the Password Exporter import module to support XML files created by version 1.3.4.
  • Added workaround for Microsoft Office breaking the ‘Print’ shell verb for HTML files.
  • Added workaround for Mono list view item deletion bug.
  • Added workaround for Mono command line argument encoding bug.
  • KPScript: the ‘AddEntry‘ and ‘EditEntry‘ commands now support the ‘-setx-Icon‘ and ‘-setx-CustomIcon‘ parameters, which set the icon of the entry.
  • KPScript: the ‘ChangeMasterKey‘ command now supports the ‘-newpw-enc‘ parameter (for specifying the new master password in encrypted form, compatible with the {PASSWORD_ENC} placeholder).
  • KPScript: the ‘ListEntries‘ command now supports all ‘-ref-*‘ and ‘-refx-*‘ parameters.


  • Password quality estimation: improved compatibility with process memory protection.
  • Improved UI scaling when using KeePass on multiple systems with different DPI values.
  • Printing / HTML export: improved embedding of CSS.
  • Printing / HTML export: spaces in passwords are now encoded as non-breaking spaces.
  • Improved UI updating in the ‘Print’ / HTML export dialog.
  • Enhanced KDE system font detection.
  • Improved fatal error handling.
  • Various improvements in the language selection dialog.
  • KPScript: improved behavior of ‘-ref-*‘ parameters when combined with the ‘-refx-All‘ option.
  • Various code optimizations.
  • Minor other improvements.


  • Fixed HTML generation bug: when the option ‘Use monospace font for passwords’ was turned off, a generated HTML file in ‘Details’ mode could contain invalid end tags.


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