Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

Japan will develop computer virus to defend against cyber attacks

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Japan will develop computer viruses to defend against cyber attacks, and research and development will be completed in March next year. The Japanese government’s goal is to improve its cyber defense capabilities and be prepared to face threats from cyberspace. Japan hopes to fill the gaps in cyberspace compared to advanced countries and plans to make important investments to achieve its goals as planned.

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Japan is lagging behind other countries in responding to the threat of cyber attacks. Japan plans to increase the number of people in the network unit from 150 to 220, compared with 6,200 in the US and 7,000 in North Korea. The problem of malware being used for defense is under discussion. There is no border in cyberspace, and the risk of malicious code getting out of control and threatening sovereignty is real.

According to experts, computer viruses will be developed by private companies and will not be used for pre-emptive attacks or active defenses. The government only allows cyber attacks on organizations of countries or countries equivalent.

Via: japantimes