Tue. Jul 7th, 2020

IRM issues RISKY BUSINESS report: New mobile malware variants increased by 54% since 2018

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Recently, Information Risk Management (IRM) released its “2019 Risk Business Report.” The report draws on the opinions of decision-makers in the field of network security and risk management, mainly exploring the network security issues related to artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G networks.

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The IRM report indicates that 86% of respondents believe that AI will affect their cybersecurity strategy within five years. Currently, the top three AI network security-related features are network intrusion detection and prevention, fraud detection and authentication. In terms of 5G, 83% of respondents believe 5G to bring new risks. Among them, the three most worried questions of respondents are the increase of IoT-related network attacks, the expansion of the attack surface by 5G networks, and the lack of security considerations for 5G hardware and firmware design. In addition, 91% of respondents believe that corporate executives have begun to pay attention to cybersecurity, and 93% of respondents have developed an incident management plan.

New mobile malware variants increased by 54% since 2018**, illustrating that cybercriminals are targeting the ever-growing number of mobile devices.

IRM research shows that AI and 5G will change the way of thinking about cybersecurity, and relevant organizations should not ignore the new risks brought about by AI and 5G.