IPython 5.7.0 and 6.4.0 release, Python command line interaction


IPython is an enhanced version of Python’s native interactive shell that can accomplish many unusual tasks, such as helping to implement parallel computing; primarily using its interactive help, such as code shading, improved command-line callbacks, tabs Completion, macro functionality, and improved interactive help.

IPython 5.5.0 and 6.2.0 have been released, IPython 6.2 includes all the available features and fixes in IPython 5.5, and contains some new features, it is recommended to install 6.2.0 directly.


  • Fix display object not emitting metadata PR #11106
  • Comments failing Jedi test PR #11110



  • Fix IPython trying to import non-existing matplotlib backends PR #11087
  • fix for display hook not publishing object metadata PR #11101


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