iPhone self-repair experience for US users

Some time ago, Apple launched the iPhone self-repair program, which allows iPhone users to repair their own devices, including screens, cameras, and batteries, through Apple’s rental repair kits, which are currently supported on the iPhone 12/13 series and the third-generation iPhone SE. Many people may think that repairing an iPhone is nothing more than a few screwdrivers, pliers, spudgers, and other simple tools, but it is actually much more complicated. Recently, The Verge‘s Sean Hollister experienced an Apple iPhone self-repair program.

Apple first froze $1,200 on Sean Hollister’s credit card as a deposit for repair tools, along with an additional $49 for tool rental and $69 for a brand new battery. Then Apple sent two large suitcases, weighing a total of 36kg, containing all the equipment for repairing iPhone components, including an industrial-grade heat station and spring-loaded press.

Photo by Thomas Blythe / The Verge

The $49 rental fee charged by Apple is only for borrowing repair tools for one week, and if it is not returned on time, it is likely that the deposit will be deducted. Additionally, the new batteries and repair kits were not delivered at the same time, leaving Sean Hollister with only five days of operation.

For users with maintenance experience, the complete equipment may be very easy to use, but if you lack relevant experience and have poor hands-on ability, trouble in the middle may be inevitable. In fact, Apple also included a maintenance manual, but in actual operation, Sean Hollister still encountered some problems, such as failure to remove the screen, the heater having an error code without knowing the cause, and the screen doesn’t fit the frame completely when installed, the system doesn’t correctly identify the battery, etc.It seems that even with a full set of professional equipment and basic hands-on ability, users are still not enough to do simple iPhone repair work by themselves.

At present, it only costs $69 to replace the iPhone through Apple’s official, and it is also $69 to replace it yourself. The only difference is that Apple will replace it for you. For ordinary users, it is best to think twice before trying to repair the iPhone yourself.