September 27, 2020

iPhone SE 2 launch event delays due to the coronavirus epidemic

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It was previously revealed that Apple had planned to hold an internal media conference for the iPhone SE 2 in March, but a number of news reports in the past month pointed that iPhone SE 2 launch event delays due to the coronavirus epidemic.

iPhone SE 2 (iPhone 9) is a phone that is defined as the successor to iPhone SE. It will have almost the same design as iPhone 8, including the physical Home button, but there will be no small improvements because it can be said that the iPhone SE 2 will be equipped with the top Apple processor A13. This will give iPhone SE 2 to crush most Android smartphones in performance this year.

iPhone SE 2

The most anticipated part is the adjective we used to describe the iPhone SE 2: “price.” This model is rumored to sell for only $ 399. I believe this will make a large number of consumers to buy iPhone SE 2.

In addition, Digitimes also revealed that although the internal media conference of the iPhone SE 2 was canceled, Apple will still announce and release the iPhone SE 2 in other ways. However, according to Digitimes report, due to the epidemic, the mass production ramp-up period of Apple’s new devices may be extremely long, so I think if you want to buy this iPhone, it is recommended to be patient.