iPhone 14 will not increase in price, and will maintain a similar selling price to iPhone 13

Although it has been reported recently that based on factors such as hardware design upgrades and unstable supply of semiconductor components, Apple originally planned to adjust the pricing of the next iPhone 14 series, which is about $100. However, according to information obtained by Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple may consider maintaining the sales performance of the new machine and may absorb the relevant costs by itself, so that the iPhone 14 series can be sold at the price of the existing iPhone 13 series.
iPhone 14 Pro
Apple’s product price strategy from the past will mostly maintain the same price design as the product launched in the previous year, and only increase the price under certain circumstances to reflect the actual cost. For example, from the early iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4s, because the 4G network chip product design is popular, the price is relatively reduced, and the price remains the same as the iPhone 5.

Recently, it was originally reported that Apple may increase the price of the upcoming iPhone 14 series models in response to factors such as market component supply. But at the moment it looks like it may be absorbed by itself, or by shifting the burden on different suppliers, which allows the iPhone 14 series models to be sold at prices similar to the iPhone 13 series models.