Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

iPhone 12‌ Pro & Pro Max will be equipped with 120Hz refresh rates displays

2 min read

Recently, some netizens discovered a brand-new setting option in the iOS 14 beta version upgraded with iPhone 11 Pro Max. The option is called “Limit Frame Rate” and is located in the “Motion” page.

The content of the “Limit Frame Rate” is: set the maximum refresh rate of this phone’s screen to 60Hz. The maximum refresh rate of the iPhone currently on sale is 60Hz, so it seems that Apple will launch a high refresh rate display for iPhone. In addition, some netizens reported that they upgraded their iPhone 11 to the iOS 14 public beta but did not find this option. It is estimated that only Pro series models will be equipped with refresh rate screens.

Recently, the famous leaker, “Ice Universe” has tweeted the news of Apple products. This time he said: “A reliable source, if there is no accident, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max have basically determined the maximum 120Hz refresh rate.”

Although there have been few rumors about Apple products in the “Ice Universe”, it has always been closer to those who are familiar with Samsung product information, but I think this news is also very credible.