iOS 16.1 will introduce pasteboard permissions settings

Apple released the official version of iOS 16 last month. There are few functional improvements to the iPhone in this generation, but there are some annoying problems in the user experience. What makes users speechless the most is the question about the permission of the pasteboard. As long as you copy a piece of text and switch to another app, you will be asked one by one whether to allow the pasteboard to be read. Fortunately, this problem will be completely solved in iOS 16.1.

Image: macrumors

Although Apple has slightly improved the permission application problem for this pasteboard in the recent iOS 16.0.2 update, in fact, there are still many apps that will tirelessly and repeatedly ask you if you allow it to read the pasteboard. However, according to Macrumors, in iOS 16.1, Apple put pasteboard permissions into privacy management. Like the camera and microphone functions, the app also needs to go through the user’s permission, denial, or allow such settings once, instead of the current one that can directly read the pasteboard, and then ask you whether to paste the content you just copied.

The menu presents users with three options:

  • Ask: The app must continue to request permission to paste content from other apps.
  • Deny: The app cannot paste content from other apps.
  • Allow: The app can paste content from other apps without asking for permission again.

Apple said that this permission management will be separated from the user’s choice to paste. After all, if you decide to paste, iOS will no longer ask you to give permission. The official version of iOS 16.1 is said to be released by the end of this month.