Ionic 3.8.0 release, HTML5 mobile application framework


Ionic 3.8.0 has been released, Ionic Framework is an advanced HTML5 mobile client application framework, is also a very nice use HTML5 front-end framework for developing hybrid mobile applications.

This version provides better iOS11 support, fixes a lot of bugs, including:

Bug fixes

  • action-sheet: fix action sheet so it will scroll when the options exceed the screen
  • content: reize on orientationchange only
  • cordova: size footer correctly
  • item: safe-padding on last item only
  • nav: remove bad assert
  • navigation: account for the condition of toggling one view with tabs to another view with tabs
  • navigation: add defaultHistory support to ion-tabs
  • navigation: unregister root navs when appropriate
  • overlay: onWillDismiss is called as expected
  • popover: improve positioning in ios11
  • select: overlay types should use shared interface
  • swiper: add safeguards when user tries to zoom a slide without an image
  • correct event name
  • swiper: allow for multiple swipers on a page
  • tabs: emit viewDidEnter and viewDidLeave on app during tab change
  • tabs: return promises where appropriate
  • virtual-scroll: flickering issue fixes
  • correct order of events
  • move resize logic to viewCtrl


  • alert: export AlertButton interface
  • input: add dir attribute for different language directions
  • better ios11 support


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