September 23, 2020

Interpol teamed up with Indonesian police to arrest Indonesian hackers

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According to official information from Interpol, the organization is currently teaming up with Indonesian police to arrest more Indonesian hackers who have used supply chain attacks to steal credit card information.

The attacks of these hackers are called Magecart supply chain attacks, which are mainly aimed at the online shopping system Magento content management platforms.

Because of some security vulnerabilities in this system, it has been exploited by many hackers. When users make payments, the credit card information is sent to accounts controlled by hackers.

Interpol and the Indonesian police launched a raid code-named Operation Night Fury, which successfully arrested Indonesian hackers who have been in Indonesia for many years.

ICS Attack Framework “TRITON”

According to surveys, hackers will first select vulnerable content management systems, and then launch targeted attacks on these systems to embed malicious scripts for the content interception.

When a user makes a normal purchase on a shopping site and jumps to make a payment, the credit card number, expiration date, and security code filled in will all be quietly recorded.

Hackers obtain this critical information and then directly steal or resell them to other black industry groups. These hackers have caused hundreds of millions of dollars in losses worldwide.

The police found clues on the server controlled by the hacker and followed this information to successfully locate the hacker and finally launched a raid to arrest him.

The average age of the hackers allegedly arrested is only about 25 years old. These hackers are generally hackers who love IT technology and self-taught in some hacker network forums.

Via: TheHackerNews