Intel Xe-HPG 512EU mobile platform appears

Intel announced at the Architecture Day event last month that their Xe-HPG unique product name is Intel ARC, and in Q1 next year they will launch the first consumer-grade gaming graphics card Alchemist in the series. There have been many Xe-HPG standalone appearing in the benchmark database before, and now we have found the flagship Xe-HPG 512EU graphics card in the Geekbench database.

The Xe-HPG 512EU that appeared this time is actually a mobile platform because it is equipped with a Core i7-11800H processor, as the name suggests, it has 512 EU units, a total of 4096 stream processors. The software shows that its highest core frequency is 1800MHz. Since it is a mobile version of the graphics card, the power consumption will be limited. The desktop version will only have a higher frequency. The software shows that its video memory is 12.6GB, which is a bit strange.

The Geekbench score of this Xe-HPG 512EU is 88% faster than the previously leaked Xe-HPG 256EU. The improvement is still great, but the processors used in the two tests are different. The previous Xe-HPG 256EU was tested by Alder Lake, so the direct comparison may not be accurate.

And from this score, the performance of this Xe-HPG 512EU is only equivalent to RX 570 and GTX 1650. After all, it was previously rumored that the performance of the top ARC graphics card is close to the RTX 3070, and it is unlikely that Intel will come out with a flagship that is quite comparable to the opponent’s mainstream products. It can only be said that using Geekbench to run the graphics card is still a bit unreliable, and the current Intel driver is probably not adjusted properly to cause this result.