Intel Releases Arc Graphics Driver Support Arc A770 and A750 Graphics

Intel has released Arc graphics card driver version, which supports ARC A770 and ARC A750 graphics cards, as well as XeSS technology. A new version of the driver is bundled with the latest version of Arc Control to simplify the installation experience. Users can also customize lighting effects using the Intel Arc RGB Controller, a collaboration between Intel and Cooler Master that controls the 90 individually addressable LEDs on the Arc A770 Limited Edition.




• Marvel’s Spider-Man* (DX12) may exhibit an application crash when loading into the game with Ray-Traced Reflections enabled.
• Total War: Warhammer III* (DX11) may exhibit color corruption on certain regions of the overworld map on Game Pass.
• Saints Row* (DX12) may experience black corruption in some select missions such as ‘Observe and Report’.
• Overwatch 2* (DX11) may experience minor intermittent hitching or stuttering during gameplay.
• Deathloop* (DX12) may exhibit vertical line corruption during gameplay when Ray Tracing is enabled.
• Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction* (DX11) may exhibit flickering within game menus.
• Battlefield 2042* (DX12) may exhibit an application crash when entering a multiplayer match.
• Hitman* (DX12) may exhibit texture corruption during training mode.
• Diablo II: Resurrected* (DX12) may exhibit black square corruption in some areas of Act 2