Intel Releases Arc Graphics Beta Driver for A370M and A350M Graphics

Intel released the Intel Arc brand discrete graphics card with Xe-HPG architecture at the end of March. At that time, it promised to provide a graphics card driver update at the end of April, but it has not been seen. A few days ago, Intel released the beta version of the graphics card driver.A few days ago, Intel released the beta version of the graphics card driver, which supports the integrated graphics (Alder Lake-H and Alder Lake-P) and Arc graphics (Alchemist) of the 12th generation core mobile processors. Finally, the integrated graphics and the independent display driver are integrated on the mobile platform.

This version of the driver mainly fixes various bugs and errors and has made targeted optimizations for some new games, including Vampire: The Masquerade – BloodHunt, Evil Dead: The Game, and Dolmen.
Intel Graphics Driver



• Intel® Game On Driver support for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt*, Evil Dead: The Game*, and Dolmen* on Intel® Arc A350M and A370M Graphics.
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• Back 4 Blood* may experience lighting or texture corruption when mist is visible on screen.
• Gears 5* may experience terrain corruption when using medium or higher quality graphics quality settings.
• FIFA 22* may experience an intermittent application crash during regular gameplay.
• World of Warcraft: Shadowlands* may experience flickering or corruption when MSAA is enabled.
• Stutter or lag may be observed when playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive*, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds*, Monster Hunter: World*, Hood: Outlaws & Legends*, Outriders* and Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts 2*.
• Shadow of the Tomb Raider* may experience an application crash or hang with an error popup dialogue when Ray Traced Shadow Quality is enabled.
• Monster Hunter World: Iceborne* may experience an application crash or hang with an error popup dialogue when setting the render API to DirectX®12.


• Forza Horizon 5* may experience texture corruption.
• Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War* may experience an application crash during regular gameplay.
• Map textures may fail to load or may load as blank surfaces when playing CrossFire*.
• Some objects and textures in Halo Infinite* may render black and fail to load. Lighting may also appear blurry or over exposed in the multiplayer game menus.
• Guardians of the Galaxy* may exhibit texture corruption on some interactive objects.
• Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition* may experience minor texture corruption. Known Issues for Intel® Arc™ Control
• Checking for driver updates or attempting to install driver updates through Intel® Arc™ Control may sometimes cause an “Error Installing Driver” message to appear.
• Smooth Sync is enabled by default when “Application Choice” is selected from the Frame Delivery settings in the Intel® Arc™ Control game settings page.
• The Performance Tuning page in Intel® Arc™ Control may erroneously appear visible or configurable on unsupported platforms. When this occurs, changing settings on this page may throw an error message and/or will not function.
• A Windows® UAC prompt may occur when launching Intel® Arc™ Control.