Sat. Aug 15th, 2020

Indian online education platform Unacademy leaked 22 million user information

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Unacademy, an online education platform from India, recently received the US $ 100 million in financing from companies such as Facebook. After this round of financing, the platform’s valuation exceeded $500 million.

The platform has 14,000 registered teachers and millions of video courses in India. Since its creation in 2010, the platform has gained 22 million registered users.

Unfortunately, the company’s servers seem to be compromised by hackers in some way, and the hackers steal all the database of the platform containing all the user’s detailed information.

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The hacker sold the database in the underground black market at the price of $2,000 for this user data. Of course, the hacker’s data package contains 21,909,707 users.

What is sold is mainly a database containing user data, such as user name, hashed password, email, name, whether it is a student, teacher or administrator, etc. These data include user information database, management database, course information database, partial information of the company to which the platform belongs, and administrator account information.

Bbleepingcomputer contacted some users and confirmed that the database is real and effective, which means that the platform was indeed attacked by hackers.

Although these databases do not contain critical information such as financial information, fraudsters can still use the leaked personal information to send phishing emails for fraud.