IEEE Spectrum 2017 programming language ranking: Python win


IEEE Spectrum magazine released the annual programming language list, which is their release of the fourth programming language Top list. According to reports, IEEE Spectrum is the order from 10 important online data source synthesis, such as Stack Overflow, Twitter, Reddit, IEEE Xplore, GitHub, CareerBuilder, etc., ranked 48 languages.

Unlike other charts, IEEE Spectrum allows the reader to select the weights for the combination of parameters and get different sorting results. Taking into account the typical Spectrum reader needs, they offer several preset weights – such as emerging languages, employers’ language of demand, open source popular language, etc. ( click here to view ).

IEEE Spectrum 2017 programming language Top 10 as follows:


Python ‘s ranking continued to rise from last year and jumped to the first. But ranked in the top four languages Python, C, Java and C ++, in fact, have maintained a very close popularity. In fact, from the Diakopoulos on the current recruitment needs of the basic indicators of language analysis shows that the demand for C language is higher than Python.

C # has re-entered the top five, recaptured last year by R language snatched position. Ruby fell to 12th, Apple’s Swift also took the opportunity and Google’s Go language together into the top ten This is really unexpected because of Swift language as early as two years before the first login to the list, when it is also far from the top ten position. Unlike the rise of Swift, Apple’s Objective-C fell to No. 26.

This year is the second year without a new language into the IEEE Spectrum list, it seems that developers have entered the code integration period, but also need time to digest those for cloud services, mobile, and large data applications to create new tools.

Rank 11 – 48 ranked:

Fortran remained in the middle of the list (bit 28), Lisp was at position 35, Cobol at position 40. This shows that these ancient languages still have a stable user base.

More information can be found in the original list

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