httpx: fast and multi-purpose HTTP toolkit


httpx is a fast and multi-purpose HTTP toolkit that allows running multiple probers using the retryablehttp library, it is designed to maintain the result reliability with increased threads.


HTTP toolkit

  • Simple and modular codebase making it easy to contribute.
  • Fast And fully configurable flags to probe multiple elements.
  • Supports vhost, urls, ports, title, content-length, status-code, response-body probbing.
  • Smart auto fallback from https to http as default.
  • Supports hosts, URLs, and CIDR as input.
  • Handles edge cases doing retries, backoffs, etc for handling WAFs.


httpx -h

This will display help for the tool. Here are all the switches it supports.

Flag Description Example
-H Custom Header input
httpx -H 'x-bug-bounty: hacker'
-follow-redirects Follow URL redirects (default false)
httpx -follow-redirects
-http-proxy URL of the proxy server
httpx -http-proxy hxxp://proxy-host:80
-l File containing host/urls to process
httpx -l hosts.txt
-l File containing CIDR to process
httpx -l cidr.txt
-no-color Disable colors in the output.
httpx -no-color
-o File to save output result (optional)
httpx -o output.txt
-json Prints all the probes in JSON format (default false)
httpx -json
-vhost Probes to detect vhost from list of subdomains
httpx -vhost
-threads Number of threads (default 50)
httpx - threads 100
-ports Ports ranges to probe (nmap syntax: eg 1,2-10,11)
httpx -ports 80,443,100-200
-title Prints title of page if available
httpx -title
-content-length Prints content length in the output
httpx -content-length
-status-code Prints status code in the output
httpx -status-code
-web-server Prints running web sever if available
httpx -web-server
-store-response Store response as domain.txt
httpx -store-response
-store-response-dir Directory to store response (default current path)
httpx -store-response-dir output
-retries Number of retries
httpx -retries
-silent Prints only results in the output
httpx -silent
-timeout Timeout in seconds (default 5)
httpx -timeout 10
-verbose Verbose Mode
httpx -verbose
-version Prints current version of the httpx
httpx -version
-x Request Method (default ‘GET’)
httpx -x HEAD


Copyright (c) Exposed Atoms Pvt Ltd