Fri. Aug 7th, 2020

How to switch Google Chrome 69 back to the old UI interface

1 min read

Recently, the Google Chrome team has released the official version of the 69 version and made some improvements. Typically, for example, the browser interface has been replaced with a material language style.

After changing to the new user interface, the tab bar has changed a lot, causing many users to be unaccustomed. Some users directly choose to reinstall the old browser.

However, switching to the old version of Google Chrome means that there may be potential security vulnerabilities, and users may be vulnerable to exploits by malicious websites.

Fortunately, Google Chrome also offers the option to switch back to the old user interface. Users who are not used to switch the user interface back to the old style temporarily.

How to switch back to the old user interface:

After installing Google Chrome 69 and above, you can switch between the experimental features. There are several options that Google has released and is testing.

To switch back to the previous version, copy and paste the address below in the Google Chrome address bar and change the default option to Normal.


Currently Google Chrome still retains the old style so users can switch, but eventually, Google Chrome will remove the old version over time.

There are security issues with the old version, so it is recommended that netizens still get used to the new interface, to prevent the need to re-adapt after the subsequent thorough removal.