September 26, 2020

Here Is How Monitoring Your Employees Emails Can Save Your Business

2 min read

The relationship between an employee and its employer is always delicate. When an employer decides to monitor the emails of all of his or her employees, it is something that may not sit well with the majority of them. Some might think that their employer has no faith in them, while others will be frustrated that their privacy is being breached. However, an employer has every right to monitor their employees’ emails for the betterment of the company. While a lot of people will be asking whether it is ethical or not, in this article, I have mentioned a few points that will help you understand why monitoring your employee’s email is important for your business.

To Enhance Productivity

When you are monitoring your employees closely and are paying close attention to how they complete their tasks, then it can help you make them more productive. With the help of email monitoring, you will be able to know how your employee is going about a certain project and whether he is doing it right or not. By reviewing their activities regularly, the manager can provide them with useful feedback that can help them improve their productivity.

Malware Threat

One of the biggest reasons an employer should monitor all of his employee’s emails is malware threat. There is a lot of malware that attacks computers via email, and if an employee of yours ends up opening one of them, it can prove quite bad for your business. If you get a virus on your home laptop, it will only affect your device, but when you get one in your work PC, it can affect multiple devices that are sharing the same network. Computer malware like ransomware is known through spread via email in the recent past, and it can corrupt all the data available in your computer servers. Having an email monitoring software can help you identify those threat emails even before someone opens them.

Leaking Data

Data leakage is a problem that a lot of companies have faced at some point, and this happens because it is easy for an employee to leak sensitive information for whatever purpose when they are not being monitored. Most employees who have done such a thing in the past do it so that they can sell the information on the market for good money. And the reason this happens a lot is that the chances of getting caught while doing this are extremely minimal. This is exactly why a business needs to monitor its employees’ emails so that such incidents can be avoided.

Helps Monitor Remote Employees

It is easy for a company to monitor its in-house employees even if they don’t have email monitoring software. However, when it comes to monitoring remote employees, you cannot do it without an email monitoring software. This way, you will be able to make sure that the employees working from home are not slacking and are paying proper attention to their work.