September 20, 2020

IBM X-Force: Hacktivist attacks have dropped 95% since 2015

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In recent years, threat intelligence analysts have found that the number of hacktivist attacks has fallen dramatically. New data from IBM X-Force also corroborates the complete collapse of hacktivism. In a new report, IBM pointed out that since 2015, security incidents triggered by hacktivist attacks have been declining. Although at the peak of the event, there were 35 publicly reported incidents.

Since then, the activities of hacker organizations have declined at a steady rate. Although there are still sporadic times, only five cases were reported in 2017, two in 2018, and only zero in the first few months of this year. Researchers attribute this phenomenon to two factors, first, the demise of anonymous hacker groups, followed by continued high-pressure strikes by law enforcement agencies.

“Probably the biggest role in the collapse of hacktivist activity had the disintegration of the Anonymous hacker collective, which according to IBM, was responsible for nearly 45% of all hacktivist-attributed security breaches.”

Via: ZDNet