Hackers win Tesla Model 3 as a prize in Pwn2Own contest

exposed PIN code

A hacker team successfully penetrated a Tesla Model 3 car in a Pwn2Own contest, and Tesla rewarded them with a car because of the flaws they found. At the beginning of this year, Tesla became the first car manufacturer to participate in the Pwn2Own hacking contest. To allow hackers to find vulnerabilities and flaws in the car system, Tesla prepared a Model 3 car for the hacker.

The hacking contest kicked off in Vancouver, Canada this week. A hacker team “Fluoroacetate” composed of two hackers successfully discovered the vulnerability of the Model 3 system on the last day of the contest.

In the past four years, Tesla has been conducting a vulnerability award program, and according to people familiar with the project, Tesla has paid hundreds of thousands of rewards to hackers who have exposed system vulnerabilities. Last year, Tesla raised the amount of reward for each vulnerability to $15,000.