Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

Hackers steal over 26 million credit card information from BriansClub

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BriansClub is profitable by selling personal information on credit cards. It is one of the world’s largest black market sites but was attacked by hackers not long ago. Brian Krebs, who first reported a data breach, said hackers have stolen more than 26 million credit cards. Experts estimate that the total number of stolen cards leaked from BriansClub accounts for about 30% of the cards available on the black market. The administrator of BriansClub confirmed that the site’s data center had been hacked earlier this year and claimed that the stolen data had been deleted, but there were multiple messages confirming that the data was still being sold on BriansClub.

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According to Krebs, the attackers of the BriansClub nicknamed “MrGreen” and he also runs a credit card shop with the same name. “The Verified site admin said MrGreen had been banned from the forum, and added that “sending anything to Krebs is the lowest of all lows” among accomplished and self-respecting cybercriminals. I’ll take that as a compliment.” concludes Krebs.

Source: SecurityAffairs