Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

Hackers discovered a new method to bypass passcode on iOS 12.1

1 min read

Just a few hours after Apple released a security patch for iOS 12, iOS enthusiasts and hacker Jose Rodriguez found another vulnerability in iOS 12.1, that is, you can use the group while bypassing the password. FaceTime accesses the contact list. Just like Rodriguez’s video uploaded on YouTube, users can bypass passwords by taking a call or having Siri call and switch to FaceTime.

Once switched to the FaceTime state, even if the device is still locked, the user can access the full contact list on the iPhone by just going to the lower right menu and clicking “Add Person.”

Also, after accessing the contact list, the user can also view additional information of each contact of the address book by using the iOS 3D Touch function and can also initiate a new call.

Rodriguez said he found that this new password bypass vulnerability could be used on all iPhone models that support the Apple Group FaceTime feature. However, he also pointed out that if you want to solve this vulnerability, you can use Siri to disable the function on the main screen.