October 24, 2020

Hacker demands $100 million for AMD Navi graphics source code

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On March 25, AMD suddenly issued an announcement announcing that

At AMD, data security and the protection of our intellectual property are a priority. In December 2019, we were contacted by someone who claimed to have test files related to a subset of our current and future graphics products, some of which were recently posted online, but have since been taken down.

While we are aware the perpetrator has additional files that have not been made public, we believe the stolen graphics IP is not core to the competitiveness or security of our graphics products. We are not aware of the perpetrator possessing any other AMD IP.

Linux kernel AMD 7nm Zen2

AMD has reported to the police that the matter has entered the criminal investigation stage and they are working closely with law enforcement officials.

Someone may have issued the source code of AMD Navi and other graphics cards on Github. The AMD Navi source code has been stolen by a hacker. It was previously sold for $100 million. Hacker said that if no one bought it, these source codes will be public.

Via: Engadget