Sat. Aug 15th, 2020

Hacker claims to have stolen over 500GB of data from Microsoft’s private GitHub repositories

1 min read

Recently, a hacker claimed to have stolen more than 500GB of data from Microsoft’s private GitHub repositories. Microsoft, which owns GitHub, has not yet commented publicly on the vulnerability, which does not seem to affect any major software products of the company.

The hacker named “Shiny Hunters” disclosed the theft by contacting the news site BleepingComputer. The perpetrator claimed that he owned more than 500GB of files downloaded from Microsoft ‘s private GitHub repository, and stated that he originally intended to sell the source code online. Instead, they now plan to release it for free.

Shiny Hunter provides a directory listing, which contains the name, size, and timestamp of each stolen file. None of these resource libraries seem to involve Microsoft ’s main products, such as Windows, Office, and Xbox. Instead, they are mostly code samples, test projects, e-books, and other general-purpose projects.