September 22, 2020

Hackers continue to attack U.S. public health department during coronavirus outbreak

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Recently, a new outbreak of new coronavirus (COVID-19) has occurred in the United States. The US Health and Human Services Department (HHS) has made some key responses to the rapid spread of coronavirus. However, in recent days, major US public health departments have suffered severe cyberattacks, which has prompted the National Security Council to respond quickly.

combat cybercrime

After U.S. security officials realized that someone had hacked into a network system and spread false information about the coronavirus, the White House National Security Council issued a warning tweet midnight saying that phishing attacks, credential theft, bitcoin, and finance and ransomware activity will continue to increase during coronavirus outbreak.

In the event of a coronavirus outbreak, the leadership and board of directors of the health care department focused almost all their attention on the outbreak, and they were out of touch with the current state of cybersecurity within their organizations. If the leadership and security staff can discuss the security issues in the network system together, then the organization will have better measures to deal with related cyber-attacks.

Via: latimes