Guava 27.1 release, Google Java core library


Guava is a set of core libraries that includes new collection types (such as multimap and multiset), immutable collections, a graph library, functional types, an in-memory cache, and APIs/utilities for concurrency, I/O, hashing, primitives, reflection, string processing, and much more!

Guava comes in two flavors.

  • The JRE flavor requires JDK 1.8 or higher.
  • If you need support for JDK 1.7 or Android, use the Android flavor. You can find the Android Guava source in the android directory.


  <!-- or, for Android: -->



Changelog v27.1

  • Removed GWT emulations that are no longer needed as of GWT 2.8.2. This means that GWT projects that use this version of Guava must use GWT 2.8.2 or higher. (5f35072)
  • Created a BOM for Guava (new guava-bom artifact). (0e59641)
  • Removed @Beta from a number of frequently used APIs. (6242bdd)
  • net: Added Sec-Fetch headers to HttpHeaders. (673b243)
  • net: Added SourceMap header to HttpHeaders (a99c15f)
  • net: Added MediaType for “application/jose” and “application/jose+json”. (d416e04)
  • graph: Added overloads to methods accepting pairs of nodes to also accept EndpointPair; changed behavior of *Graph.edges().contains() to allow undirected graphs to accept ordered EndpointPairs. (af3ee1c)