GPU-Z 2.45 added support for RTX 3090 Ti and Intel Arc

By the end of March, another batch of new GPUs will be launched, including the RTX 3090 Ti that NVIDIA will release next and Intel’s Arc family. The commonly used graphics card monitoring and monitoring tool GPU-Z has also released version 2.45, adding a considerable number of new graphics card support. In addition to the above, it also includes NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3060 Ti with GA103, RTX 3080 Ti laptop version, T1000 8GB, T400, CMP 170HX, and A16, AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT, RX 6750 XT, RX 6800S, RX 6700S, RX 6850M XT, RX 6650M XT, W6400 and the GPU of the Barcelo APU, Rembrandt APU, and Valve Steam Deck.

Intel’s Arc Alchemist series is only getting preliminary support, GPU-Z 2.45 also improves the reporting of NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPU memory size, and support for Alder Lake graphics, added HBM and DDR4 memory support for NVIDIA graphics cards, and increased transistor count for GA106 GPUs.

Changelog v2.45

  • Added support for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, RTX 3060 Ti (GA103), RTX 3080 Ti Mobile, T1000 8 GB, T400 4 GB, CMP 170HX, A16, A2
  • Added support for AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT, RX 6750 XT, RX 6800S, RX 6700S, RX 6850M XT, RX 6650M, RX 6650M XT, W6400, Barcelo APU, Rembrandt APU, Steam Deck GPU, Barco MXRT 270
  • Added preliminary support for Intel Arc Alchemist
  • Fixed NVIDIA Ampere memory size not being reported as power of two
  • Improved support for Intel Alder Lake
  • Fixed memory clock detection on Alder Lake
  • Fixed GA106 transistor count
  • Added support for HBM and DDR4 memory on NVIDIA