Tue. Jul 7th, 2020

Google may consider working the Android system to support “touchless” feature

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In life, it is rare to see someone holding a non-touch-screen button phone. Usually, this type of device is mainly used to make the elderly machine convenient for the elderly. However, from the market share, the KaiOS button system still has a market share of 0.9%, which is even higher than the Microsoft WP system.

It seems that 0.9% does not seem to be many, but from the perspective of the number of users around the world, these users are still over ten million, so this is also a very large market. However, KaiOS does not seem to be alone because the technology giant Google may also want to enter this market, to provide Android operating system support for button phones.

9to5Google found in the source code submission of the Google Chromium project, Google seems to be providing Google Chrome support for the button smartphone. The code shows that this version of Google Chrome can get content input through physical buttons, and can also switch browser options by pressing the button.

From the picture, this version of Google Chrome is very similar to the Android version of Google Chrome, of course, the screenshot itself cannot explain too much content. But what’s interesting is that the Android Oreo version of the system icon can be seen in the upper left corner of the screenshot, which means that the system used by the browser is still Android. At present, Google does not disclose whether Android has plans to support keyboard phones, but there may be relevant information at Google’s developer conference this year.

Via: XDA