September 21, 2020

Google will bring the “Nearby Sharing” feature to Android 6+ in August

1 min read

The AirDrop function in Apple devices is a very convenient and easy-to-use function, which can help users quickly transfer a file from one device to another device, which has never been available in the Android system.

But not long ago, Google added this feature to the beta version of the Google Play Services app, named “Nearby Share”, the overall use logic is similar to AirDrop.

Recently, Google has notified all Android OEM manufacturers that this feature needs to be pushed to all devices running Android 6 and above in August. This feature will be pushed through the Google Play Service update, so users can update this function by themselves.

In addition to supporting Android devices, Google also plans to allow the Nearby Share feature to land on the three major platforms of Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS. Compared to AirDrop, which Apple can only use in its own ecosystem, Nearby Share can obviously bring an excellent experience of the fast file transfer for more users.

At present, if the users participating in the Google Play Service Beta project estimate that they have received this service update from Google if you receive this feature update, then you can manually enable the feature in the settings, and then you can share files with your friends.

Via: XDA