September 23, 2020

Google removed hundreds of Android apps from the Play Store due to illegal advertising

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Cheetah Mobile is a successful example of traditional Internet companies turning to mobile Internet. Cheetah Mobile has developed a number of well-known Android applications starting from the Cheetah Cleanup Master. For example, Cheetah Browser, Kingsoft Battery Doctor, Cheetah Input Method, and Cheetah File Manager, etc., these applications have been downloaded more than 500 million times.

However, despite the successful transformation of the mobile Internet, Cheetah Mobile’s reputation is not good, and advertising violations and other issues often occur. So, Google has removed these apps from the Play Store. At present, more than 45 well-known applications under Cheetah Mobile have been banned by Google.

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According to Google ’s senior product manager for ad traffic quality, obnoxious ads mainly means that full-screen ads pop up in the foreground even if users do n’t use the app.

For example, when a user dials or answers a call, a full-screen advertisement suddenly appears on the dialing interface. This not only destroys the user ’s experience but also causes the ad to click by mistake.

Google claims that such extremely bad intrusive ads will disrupt important functions of the device, and accidental clicks on ads can also waste publisher funds.

The company said that it has developed special monitoring tools to automatically check advertising behavior and issue warnings to developers if violations are found.

However, some application developers will also take adversarial measures to evade Google’s detection, but as soon as they are found by Google, they will be directly removed from the Play Store by Google.

In total, Google banned more than 600 apps with violations from the Play Store, including 45 models from Cheetah Mobile and more than 500 from other developers.

It is worth noting that according to Google’s instructions, Google will notify developers in advance of violations detected, which means that Cheetah Mobile may receive notifications and still refuse to improve.

Via: theverge