Google removed Android’s Nearby Notifications feature

Google removed Android’s Nearby Notifications feature

Google added nearby notifications in an early version of Android, a location-based feature that allows users to receive nearby services and places.
Of course, the ideal is full of reality and very skinny. This feature has been subject to spam harassment for users who have used this feature for many years.

Spammers and some advertisers automatically push through this feature, which forces most users to turn off the feature and no longer use it actively.

Given this, Google used filtering to resist spam at the beginning of the year, but this filtering still cannot solve all kinds of spam.

In the end, Google decided to completely shut down this feature before the end of the year, explaining that users will not receive any spam harassment whether or not they are enabled.

Of course, this feature can also be actively shut down. It is good news for users who don’t know how to close and have not closed.