Google provides Google Play App Translation Service to help developers provide localization services

Google Play App Translation Service

Image: googleblog

Google is launching a new program, Google Play App Translation Service to help Android app developers localize their apps, launching different localized languages for different countries and regions.

It is natural for developers to be able to cover more languages so that their applications can reach more users in more countries. Google’s translation service supports multilingual languages. Under normal circumstances, application translation can be completed in 2-8 days, including writing application profiles.

Image: googleblog

It is worth noting that this paid translation service is a genuine human translation, and the professional outsourcing team selected by Google personally provides translation for developers. The translation price requires $0.07 for each word in the commonly used language.

Developers who want to use the service only need to submit an order on the Google Play console. After payment, a professional translates and returns the translated text. Of course, developers don’t need to worry about the quality of the translation, because Google also establishes its own service quality control standards to improve the quality of translation services.