Wed. Aug 12th, 2020

Google provides Bluetooth fast pair for Android to connect different Bluetooth devices

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The latest release of the Google Android Developer Blog introduces Bluetooth Fast Connect, but Bluetooth Fast Pair is actually a feature released last year by Google.

This update is to provide a wide range of devices for Bluetooth Fast Pairing, which makes it easier for users to switch Bluetooth headsets or players.

Image: Google Blog

Subsequent will be available for Android 6.0 and above:

This kind of fast Bluetooth paired bulk connection and seamless migration mainly rely on Google account, users need to log in to the same Google account on the device to enable.

After connecting, users can quickly switch through different Bluetooth devices. This feature will be provided to Android 6.0 and above.

However, in addition to the Android system needs to be updated, the use of fast pairing also requires the support of Bluetooth devices, and Google is also advancing the Bluetooth device to support the fast connection standard.

Google said it is currently working with wireless Bluetooth headsets and speaker manufacturers and will support devices that support fast pairing compatibility in the coming months.

Only the Jaybird wireless headphones from Tarah are now supported. Anker and BOSE will then introduce devices compatible with this feature.

In addition, Google is working with Bluetooth audio chip manufacturers such as BES and Qualcomm to reduce the amount of additional engineering to produce more compatible devices.