Google plans to launch new Pixel laptop/tablet series products in the fall

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Google has launched a PixelBook laptop with Google Voice Assistant and a Pixel Slate tablet at its hardware product launch last year. Although there was news that Google was about to give up the PixelBook line, it seems that Google will not be easy on the notebook and tablet market. At the Cloud Next 2019 conference held by Google recently, there is a theme called Google’s hardware business, which introduces Google’s hardware product plan.

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Among them, Steve Jacobs, PixelBook’s chief product manager, said that Google will launch a new laptop to allow users to work more efficiently. Jacobs said that for Google, more than 60% of the company’s employees work outdoors, and 43% use remote environments. The tools currently used by these Google employees are not really good for life and work, nor can they help employees maximize efficiency.

It is also true that Google plans to introduce products different from PixelBook and Pixel Slate, which integrates modern hybrid clouds to make office work easier. This meeting seems to indicate that Google plans to introduce new products that perform better and are thinner and lighter and offer longer battery life.

However, given that Google hardware launches are usually held in the fall, these new Pixel series hardware products will also be officially available during the fall conference.

Via: 9to5google