Wed. Aug 12th, 2020

Google Pixel 4 running on Android 11 appears on GeekBench 5 software

1 min read

Although a considerable number of users have not upgraded Android 10, Google has been testing Android R (Android 11) non-stop. On the cross-platform processor benchmark, GeekBench 5, a Google Pixel 4 device was found to be running the Android 11 system. It is speculated that internal Google employees accidentally leaked ROM during the test phase.

Not much is known about Android 11 at present. Android 11 is expected to add the following new features, such as removing the limit of the maximum 4GB video file, allowing three parties to call the call recording API, and digital ID local storage, better low-power modes, etc.

Google will release a developer preview of the new Android in April and May each year. In addition, when it comes to Pixel, rumors about the Pixel 4a / 4a XL are also on the rise.

Via: droidshout