Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

Google Phone app will have “call recording” feature

1 min read

Some time ago we mentioned that Xiaomi released an announcement saying that the MIUI system will use Google’s native dialer to replace the Xiaomi Dialer application in the EU and international markets.

The main reason for making this adjustment is that some features of Xiaomi Dialer do not comply with EU privacy policies, so it needs to be replaced with Google’s official dialing tool.

However, for many MIUI users, call recording is a very important feature. Xiaomi provides a call recording function, but Google Phone does not have this feature.

According to xda-developers reports, relevant traces of call recording have been found in the latest version of the Google Phone app, but this feature is still under development at this stage.

The disassembly of the application found that Google would add a call recording option to the dialer, and also provide a button to enable users to start the recording function during a call.

Earlier, Xiaomi also mentioned in the announcement that Google’s native dialer will provide a call recording function, so it seems that the dismantling news is consistent with the news released by Xiaomi.

However, Google has not released any news about this feature, and for the time being, we do not know when it will provide call recording.