November 24, 2020

Google officially launched Android 11 version with more security and privacy improvements

2 min read

Google usually launches a new version of the Android system around August each year, but this year, due to the epidemic, the new version of Android will be released later than in previous years.

At present, Google has pushed the Android 11 version to some supported devices. The first batch of pushes is mainly Google’s own Google Pixel series devices.

Of course, many cooperative brands have also reached cooperation with Google, and some non-Google branded Android devices can also quickly get the push of new versions.

It is worth noting that the new version of Android does not bring too many interface changes as in previous years. The main content is the optimization and improvement of the internal functions of the system.

In particular, the improvement of privacy and security is the focus of this time. The Android platform has been criticized for its privacy and security issues. Google is working hard to improve this situation.

For example, the authority control is more refined to ensure that the user’s privacy content is not stolen by the app, of course, the effect needs to be observed in the follow-up.

The rich-media messaging function is also the focus of this update. Now the native SMS app on Android already supports sending various images and even audio and video.

Rich media messaging apps will also be distributed to manufacturers of other brands, but this feature also requires the cooperation of Android device manufacturers and local operators.

It is also worth mentioning that this update also brings screen recording function, you can call the microphone to record audio or directly record the audio being played by the device.

According to the news released by Google, there are already many manufacturers working with the company, which allows the Android 11 version to quickly reach third-party brand devices.

If your device is relatively new and is a flagship device, you should be able to get the update at the end of the year or early next year. Please be patient and wait for the Android 11 version.