Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Google officially announced that Android Q is Android 10

2 min read

The Android system has changed many versions since its inception and each version has a fixed name, such as the name of the dessert we know about lollipops and marshmallows. It may be that we are used to these dessert names, so we have to accept a new name, but it seems that this is not conducive to the spread of the Android brand. To this end, Google decided to abandon the selection of dessert names for each major version of Android, starting with the upcoming Android 10 and all using pure numbers.

From the entire Android brand, the use of these dessert codes is not a big problem. However, continuing to use these dessert codes during globalization will create problems, especially when providing version updates that may be difficult for non-professional users to distinguish. For example, we now ask which version of Nougat and Lollipop represent you, do you know? Which version of Oreo and Marshmallow represents Android? So in order to better explain the version to the user and provide version updates, Google believes that naming directly in ascending numerical order allows users to understand more clearly. The official version of the upcoming version of Android is Android 10, and the version released next year is Android 11 and then analogized in order.

The original English name of Android is a humanoid robot, so humanoid robots have long been the core fun of the entire Android community and a symbol of curiosity. In this name change, Google also fine-tuned the logo used by Android. In Google’s words, the new Android logo has a more modern design style. Google said that the color matching of the original Android logo would be difficult for visually impaired people to see, so the biggest change in the new logo is to improve the contrast of the entire logo.
The new logo will be officially launched from the upcoming Android 10.